Catch the Entiattitude . . .

The quality of life which is determined "unequalled" by its residents boasts the four seasons that change the color of our community's landscapes. In the spring of each year, vast fruit orchards display a sea of white and pink blossoms and then change to the glorious greens of summer bearing a harvest of tasty delights. Autumn shares with us the warm glows of red, orange, and gold, and winter brings the inevitable, but wondrous blanket of white. Wildlife abounds in the surrounding hills, mountains, lakes, and rivers and is a paradise for the sportsman. Mountain sheep and deer graze the hillsides close to State Highway 97A, and occasionally, stop to glance at the visitors admiring them. Canadian geese and a wide variety of ducks gather on beautiful Lake Entiat and chat about the trips north and south, and all the while the majestic bald eagle soars gracefully above surveying the nonsensical activity below.

Most importantly, the quality of life is created by the residents who ensure and enhance the community's charisma. Caring assistance is offered by friendly and concerned neighbors, and abundant volunteerism constantly improves our community, collectively and aesthetically. A sound scholastic program is provided to our youth (K-12) through the diligent and dedicated efforts of the school administration and the teachers, while local service groups support our youth via scholarships for advanced educational opportunities. Entiat Public Library is filled with resources and entertaining materials for all ages and offers excellent reading programs for our youth.

Entiat residents enjoy close proximity shopping in the metropolitan cities such as Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, and Chelan, all of which are approximately 18 miles north or south of Entiat. The city's business district, though limited, offers immediate needs for our residents. Pangborn Airport, located in East Wenatchee, provides flights to major airports.