Waterfront Zoning

The waterfront of Entiat consists primarily of two major zones: Waterfront Business and Waterfront Transition.

Waterfront Aerial Rendering

The Waterfront Business  (WB) zone is situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Entiat and offers a unique and special environment for an array of water viewing and opportunities from retail, shops, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, wine stating rooms, microbreweries, and watercraft sales and service to hotel/motels, vacation rentals, condominiums and second story living quarters. It will feature open areas with lakeshore access as well as a walking/bicycle trail, plus it will be the location for the new proposed boat marina ensuring a healthy recreational visitor and tourist industry and pedestrian traffic flow. A conceptual master plan has been completed illustrating the proposed unique architectural flavor of the zone and its tremendous business and developmental opportunities. 

The Waterfront Transition  (WT) zone is a  unique area which was created to act as a transition from the Waterfront Business zone with its lakefront character to the Highway Commerical zone which is situated on both sides of State Highway 97A. The Waterfront Transition zone allows for an array of business and development opportunities ranging from clean light industrial, retail and service uses, and residential uses including apartments, vacation rentals, second story living quarters, hotel/motels, and condominiums.  The Waterfront Transition zone provides both easy access and viewing opportunities to Lake Entiat as well as close proximity to State Highway 97A, supporting the transportation needs of business ventures.