Entiat Irrigation District


Where most communities in the State must water their yards with city water, at city rates, Entiat is fortunate to have an irrigation system independent of the city water.

Field with scenic view in Entiat

The Entiat Irrigation District is totally independent of the City of Entiat. The irrigation board is comprised of volunteers and two part-time employees. The system is usually active from spring until early fall. The City of Entiat does not do repairs, collect money, or participate in the operation of the system. Please do not call the City in the event of interruption of the service.

Please use one of the numbers from the list below in the event of interruption of service or for additional information on annual rates, dates of operation, and connections:

  • 509-784-1861 – Phyllis Griffith
  • 509-784-1783 – Bill Todd
  • 509-784-1642 – Keith Vradenburg


At a cost of nearly $7 million dollars, the present Entiat Irrigation District was installed in 1973. The system was constructed for use by orchardists and paid for by the growers via loans and grants. As a courtesy to the community, the service was expanded to residents.

Orchard in Entiat with Deer