Government FAQ

Q: What form of government does the City of Entiat use?
A: Entiat has adopted a Mayor-Council form of municipal government. For more detailed information on the Mayor-Council form of government you can read the governing RCW (RCW 35A.12). 

Q: When are City Council meetings?
A: City Council meetings are on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. For more details check out the calendar.

Q: What is the Mayor's function?
A: The Mayor serves as the city's executive and administrative branch. The Mayor oversees the day to day operation of the city, manages city staff, and performs ceremonial duties. The Mayor also serves as chair at City Council meetings.

Q: What is the City Council's function?
A: The City Council serves as the city's legislative branch. The City Council adopts budgets, passes laws in the form of municipal code and resolutions, and serves as the representatives for the populace of the city. Individual members of City Council may also represent the city at various local and regional meetings or functions.

Q: How many members of City Council are there?
A: The city is represented by five "at large" members of City Council.

Q: Who is my representative on City Council?
A: All members of City Council are "at large" so in essence every member serves as your representative.

Q: Does the City of Entiat have a City Manager?
A: No, the City of Entiat uses a Mayor-Council system instead of a Council-Manager system.

Q: Where is City Hall?
A: City Hall is currently located at 14070 Kinzel St., Entiat, WA  98822

Q: How do I contact City Hall?
A: You can contact City Hall by e-mailing or by calling 509-784-1500