City Council

Entiat's Mayor-Council form of government consists of a Mayor (elected at large), and five City Council members (elected at large) who reside within the city limits of Entiat and are elected to four-year terms. The Mayor serves as the executive and chief administrative officer, attends and presides over the City Council meetings, and is responsible for the operation of the city. The City Council is the legislative and policy-making body for the City of Entiat. It is the Council’s responsibility to develop and pass laws within the city and provide oversight of the city finances and budget.

We invite you to attend our council meetings. Regular City Council Meetings are held of the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.  Currently our City Council meetings are held via teleconfrence, per Proclamation 20-28 madated by Governor Inslee.  If you would like to call into our meetings, please call the City at 509-784-1500 for teleconference information.

The current City Council membership is listed below along with their seat, term, and contact information.
Clay Brandenburg - City Council Member - Seat # 5 - Term Expiration 11/2021

Dave Swearingen - City Council Member - Seat #4 - Term Expiration 11/2023

Marie Stenberg - City Council Member - Seat # 3 - Term Expiration 11/2021

Kelly Krueger - City Council Member - Seat #2 - Term Expiration 11/2021

Evelyn Quezada - City Council Member - Seat #1 - Term Expiration 11/2021