Ecomomic Advisory Board

Per Chapter 2.47 in the Entiat Municipal Code:

The Entiat Economic Advisory Board (EEAB) " shall be responsible for formulating and maintaining a comprehensive economic development strategy for the city of Entiat and the Entiat Valley"

"The Entiat economic advisory board shall consist of not less than five, or up to nine, members representing citizens who live or work in the Entiat Valley and whom the mayor, with consent of the Entiat city council, shall appoint. The board shall, if possible, contain within its membership a representative from the parks and community service advisory board, planning commission, and Entiat Chamber of Commerce. Members shall serve without compensation for services performed. A city council liaison will be assigned to the committee as a nonvoting member."

Board members serve a 3-year term.

Current board membership includes the following:

Greg Becker - Member, Planning Commission Representative
Oly Mingo  - Member, Chamber of Commerce Representative
Kelly Krueger - Chair, City Council Liaison
Charles Tudor - Member