Memorial Board

Per Chapter 2.37 in the Entiat Municipal Code:

The Memorial Board shall "be responsible for approving and accepting donations and advising the city and community on issues pertaining to the establishment and maintenance of memorials in parks and public areas as well as being advisors and record keepers of historic structures, places and the people involved for the city of Entiat, Washington".

"The memorial board shall consist of not less than six and up to 10 members representing citizens who live or work within the Entiat school boundaries and whom the mayor with the approval of the Entiat city council shall appoint."

Board members serve a 3 year term.

Current Board Members include the following:

Barbara Small

Alen Moen
Carl Griffith
Kathy Litch
Conrad Peterson
Linda Olin
Ellen Warren
Don Olin
Foster Copeland
Karin Whitehall
Gaylen Willet
Bonnie Wandling
Jack Beatty
Dan Wood
Jim Small
Ray Sandidge
Joe Bell
Russ Griffith
Judy Bell
Sarah Peterson
Lyle Litch
Terri Sandidge
Peggy Whitmore
Virginia Cooper
Phyllis Griffith
Wayne Long