Planning Commission

Per Chapter 2.50 in the Entiat Municipal Code:

"The planning commission shall have all the powers and perform each and all of the duties specified by Chapter 35A.63 RCW, together with any other duties or authority which may hereafter be conferred upon them by the laws of the state of Washington, the performance of such duties and the exercise of such authority to be subject to each and all the limitations expressed in such legislative enactment or enactments."

"The city council may refer to the planning commission, for its recommendation and report, any ordinance, resolution or other proposal relating to any of the matters and subjects referred to in Chapter 35A.63 RCW and any other laws of the state of Washington, and the commission shall promptly report to the council thereon, making such recommendations and giving such counsel as it may deem proper in the premises."

The Planning Commission consists "of five members whose positions shall be designated numerically Position 1 through 5, respectively. The mayor shall appoint the members of the planning commission, and the initial terms of the planning commission members shall expire on April 1st of the year".

Current Planning Commission membership includes the following:

Julie Holbrook
Greg Becker
Mike Howisey
Kelly Sorrensen
Norman Stenberg